A few testimonials for Anthony Spices:

-"The habanero spice is orgasmic.  Even though I put it on just about everything, where it really delivers is on pizza.  My friends & I are amateur food snobs/critics, and it's hands-down the best spice you can add to your favorite slice.  For those still using crushed red pepper, that's so 2011. If this were my company, I'd market it as "the perfect pizza spice ever."
Jake Brunner
Sales Executive
Orlando, Fl.

-"Because of my high blood pressure, I have to watch my sodium intake. I found Anthony's Arizona Jalapeno Salt by accident in a natural foods warehouse here in GA. I bought a bottle and fell in love. I bought their other 5 bottles, but they couldn't get more in. So I went on line to order more. What I learned is Anthony's spices use a small amount of sodium as a preservative, not as a dominant flavor. Thankfully, all his products are much, much lower in sodium than other similar products, That means I can enjoy the shakers, the BBQ sauces, the dip mixes, and anything else I want to try. And, believe me, I have a pantry full of them. Now I can watch my sodium and enjoy fantastic taste! Thanks Anthony".
John C.
Buford, GA

-"Lance prepares some amazing spice blends. I love his hands on approach and the care he takes to ensure each spice is unique and flavorful. A little bit goes a long way."
Jackie O.
Chandler, AZ.

-"We found "Arizona Jalapeno" from Anthony Spices about a  year ago while sampling food at Whole Foods. Now I buy them two bottles at a time so we are sure not to run out!  It's great on chicken....   LOVE it!"
Andrea M.
Gilbert, AZ

-"I just can't get enough! I keep a bottle of the Arizona Jalapeno always in my lunch box. I am spreading the word as I am giving the spices out as gifts for all occasions!!!"
Thanks, Akili
Chandler, Arizona

-"I found your product when I attended a chocolate expo in Scottsdale about a year or two ago and love it!  I have been a fan of the original Tabasco for over 20 years and is known to carry that with me at all times but I could only use it for certain types of food. I would have crushed peppers with pasta and fresh habanero or any spicy peppers when eating meat. Your Arizona Habanero is AMAZING!  Since I've tried it it's my new seasoning that I bring everywhere. I have one in my car, work, home, my purse and a spare when I'm running low. I've introduced it to others that were like me and we can't get enough of it. Thank you."
LeAnn Tompkins
Senior Administrative Assistant Recognition Specialist
Phoenix, Arizona

-"Great variety of spice blends, especially if you like to heat things up with an Arizona flair. I especially like the "Arizona Faheata." Its good on pretty much anything I'm tossing on the grill, as well as on popcorn. More and more BBQ teams are using Anthony Spices in competitions because of their freshness."
Mark M.
Paradise Valley, AZ.

-"I’ve got a fairly complete spice cabinet, and I enjoy making my own blends and BBQ rubs. But your superbly blended Arizona Habanero mix has held an exalted position on my shelf for some time. Imagine my horror when I was reaching for another spice (OK, what was I thinking?) and accidentally knocked my Arizona Habanero onto the floor, shattering the glass jar that has kept it fresh. I nearly wept. Naturally, I had to replace it immediately! Thanks for shipping me a new bottle so quickly. I’ll promise to be more careful in the future!"
Richard Ward
Motorsports Editor
Anaheim, CA


-"At our house your spices are an everyday condiment like salt and pepper. We picked up your Jalapeno at the gift shop at the Phoenix botanical gardens when we were vacationing. We like it so much when it was gone we got on your website and bought one of everything. Hatch is our very favorite. My husband and teenage sons use it on everything including meats, vegetables, eggs. Last night my husband told me the salad dressing I had made was the best batch ever. He asked what I did differently and I said nothing. He said I know what is different – I put Hatch on it."
Susan Sullivan
Sullivan Consulting Services
Erie, PA

-"I learned of Anthony Spices just by searching on-line for a hot spicy barbeque sauce and found this great web site. Not only did I find the Barbeque sauce I had been searching for but also found out their was a great assortment of dried spices ranging from extremely hot Habaneros to a mild Faheata mix. I ordered a few of these dry spices with my sauce and was extremely pleased with how the sauce made the flavor of my ribs come alive, likewise with the spices especially the Jalapeno, my family and I have tried and dashed it on about everything we can think of. Anything that we think needs a little kick with some spice or a little bit of extra heat we dash on some Jalapeno or Habanero dry spice and it just makes the dish that more flavorful. We have dashed some in our macaroni and cheese on top of pizza and even when my Chinese take-out just isn't hot enough, I add a dash or two to bring out the flavor and give it some heat. I recently purchased some of the dry spice dip mix and instead used it as a dry rub for my ribs and used it on a roast in the crock pot, it all has turn out really great. I just can't wait until I can experiment  with different spices on different meals and at different cook outs. This has been the best dry spice and barbeque sauce that I have found."
Ray C.
Sneads, FL

-"I like Habanero salsa. Not necessarily for the heat but for the flavor. Anthony Spices sells a dried mix called Arizona Red Hot. I mix it with three cans (10 oz each) of Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes with Habanero, run it through the blender (I prefer it smooth rather than chunky), chill it. Delicious. The Red Hot mix is reasonably priced, the Ro-Tel also inexpensive. So I get a fabulous salsa for about 1/3 of the price of grocery store salsas and a LOT better. Mr. Anthony's service is first-rate, he always gets the salsa mix to me promptly. My only complaint is that he is on the other side of the Valley of the Sun so I have to order it through the mail. I hope Mr. Anthony visits some stores on the west side sometime soon and starts selling his products over here so that I can pick it up locally."
Von T.
Avondale, AZ

-"I use the products daily, I buy all of them, and I favor the hatch, habanero, and the jalapeno, the salt and the chipolte. I use them on all kinds of meats, sauces, breakfast meals, and specialty foods. I make a home made award Bloody Mary mix, which I have had the recipe for 25 years and now incorporate your spices. I offer them to many people to try, and have many good inquiries and I have place orders for others when I place my own. I look forward to any new creations, and I am elated that I was tuned onto your products by a friend of mine when visiting his in-laws in Chandler AZ, he know I love hot and picked me up a bottle at a road side stand."

Jim Prayfrock
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Technical parts engineer




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